Avoiding Inexperianced Pressure Washers

Lets talk about pressure, and why many Pressure Washers use to much. A Common misconception about pressure washing your homes exterior is that it is done with high pressure, this couldn’t be further from the truth for an experienced professional. Your standard pressure commercial pressure washer is capable of putting out upwards of 4000 Pounds Per Square Inch of super blasting water; while thats fantastic for cleaning commercial cement, or striping paint off a mailbox for a project it should never be applied to the exterior of your home. Many pressure washers and handymen and knowledge to clean your property properly.

Ineffective washing of wood.

Most homes are not completely sealed, as cozy and solid as we often feel our homes are there are structural areas that are left to “breathe”; these can include attic vents, water heater vents, ect. Over time seals around windows and doors can deteriorate also, and while rain may not enter, water under high pressure from angles that rain would come from will find these cracks and water will enter your home. the water entering your home will often be hidden inside your walls causing unknown damage that will show up months or even years later as mold and rotting. Exterior damage to surfaces is also not uncommon. Vinyl, HardiePlank, siding, wood, even brick and stone are susceptible to scaring under high pressure. (Note: While chipping isn’t uncommon on stone even with low pressure, it is quite evident when high amounts of pressure are used.)

A professional pressure washer will never use high pressure on your homes exterior, we reduce the pressure with equipment on our pumps and clean your surfaces with high volume water. A way to picture this is instead of blasting away dirt and grime, we pretreat it with specially formulated solutions to loosen the dirt then we rinse it all away.

Unfortunately anyone can buy a pressure washers and start advertising their services. These washers usually lack the knowledge necessary to protect your property. Here at Time Machine ATX we take pride in keeping up industry standards and methods to insure your property is protected. Give Us A Call today for more info or to schedule a free estimate. www.TimeMachineATX.com/home-2

– Jon

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