Yearly Window Cleanings – New Failed Glass

Here At Time Machine ATX we recommend yearly window cleanings for a variety of reasons, today we will be discussing new windows and the prevalence of their failing.

Quality in manufacturing is going down in the window world. With advances in glass technology there have been some disadvantages. Up until the 80’s windows was usually just a single pane, simple, easy to replace and clean. By the 90’s double paned windows became the new norm, often required by local governments for new construction.

Double paned glass has significant energy saving properties and is stronger than traditional single paned glass. This is accomplished by having two panes of glass vacuumed sealed, then adding a mixture of inert gasses, then sealing the two panes. This gas mixture in between the panes allows for limited heat exchange between the two sides. In other words, it keeps the heat in the winter, and most importantly the heat out in the summer! This is vital to the energy efficiency of your homes air conditioner, however lower quality glass has resulted in many window seals failing prematurely (aka Breaching).

Breached windows, Yearly Window cleaning
These orange marks are an early sign of moisture entering the panes of windows

Our Texas sun is brutal to these seals. When the seals dry, not only does the gas mixture escape, but moisture builds in between the panes. This can be seen as foggy, occasionally rust color, ect. These defects are found on every type of home including brand new homes.

Here at Time Machine we recommend a window cleaning every year on new homes in order to keep an eye on your glass. With every window cleaning from Time Machine ATX you will receive a report any damage or defects we find. Most windows come with some sort of manufacturer’s warranty, with a yearly window cleanings you can be sure to catch any defects beginning to appear within your panes and have the manufacturer replace them saving you thousands. 

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