Austin's Graffiti Removal Experts

Self Expression is great, self expression on others property isn’t. Here at Time Machine ATX we believe in self expression is great, but damaging property isn’t.  We offer FREE Graffiti removal to any charity, non-profit, or public space (Parks, Community Spaces, ect.), as well as free removal of any hateful, degrading, or racist graffiti anywhere. As a part of the community we want to make sure our community is a safe and happy place for everyone. 

Austin's Graffiti Specialists

Professional vs. Amateur

Graffiti is damage. Cleaning Graffiti can often result in more lasting damage if not treated properly. Painting over is not the best choice as it is usually obvious. Blasting away with a pressure washer works in some situations, for most it does not, leaving shadows of the graffiti or worse. Removal of paint, chipping of stone, etching of concrete, these are all damage that we’ve seen that makes the effects of the graffiti permanent.

This lovely piece of graffiti was pressure washed without treatment, causing damage to the cement’s “cream”. What would have been a minimum charge wash, and 30 minutes worth of work is now permanent damage. 

Our Process

We proudly use World’s Best Graffiti Removal products. The name is true to the product. We begin by protecting the general area of the treatment site, washing down and covering any plants. We then move to the first treatment step, applying the solution and allowing a wait time for the graffiti remover to begin breaking down the paints. After a low pressure rinse, reapplication is typically needed. We will preform these steps until the graffiti is gone. 

What remains is your original surfaces restored to before the damage. Sensitive surfaces can also be cleaned with success if we are contacted quickly. We also offer sealing of all types to create a barrier against future graffiti damage. 

Before After
Before After

Got Hate?

We remove graffiti from non-profits, charities, and community spaces free of charge with documentation. As always you can report hate graffiti community wide by texting our main line with a photo and an accurate description of the location. 

Non-profits must fill out the agreement below and email it to