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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks (by Lexi Klinkenberg)

Share on pinterest Spring is almost here and with that comes spring cleaning. Often times, it’s easy to put off cleaning until the weather is nicer and you have the opportunity to really clean the inside and outside of your home. Whether you live in a sunny climate like Florida or a Rainy one like Portland, it is …

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Yearly Window Cleanings – New Failed Glass

Here At Time Machine ATX we recommend yearly window cleanings for a variety of reasons, today we will be discussing new windows and the prevalence of their failing. Quality in manufacturing is going down in the window world. With advances in glass technology there have been some disadvantages. Up until the 80’s windows was usually …

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Avoiding Inexperianced Pressure Washers

Lets talk about pressure, and why many Pressure Washers use to much. A Common misconception about pressure washing your homes exterior is that it is done with high pressure, this couldn’t be further from the truth for an experienced professional. Your standard pressure commercial pressure washer is capable of putting out upwards of 4000 Pounds …

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